Commando Joe (COJO)

As part of the wider curriculum, Year 5 have had the privileged of spending time with Commando Joe, learning, building and developing key life skills, such as; resilience, self control, collaboration, discipline, communication and many more.

Through an active curriculum, based on Year 5 being a group of former gladiators under Spartacus’ command, Panther Class have travelled across difficult terrain, built a camp, defended their base camp, and had an awful lot of fun along the way.

See the photos of this week’s encounter with COJO, below, and ask your child what the task was this week…


Hall Park Academy – Transition Day 1

Today, Year 5 visited Hall Park Academy for our first day of transition – preparing our learners for the move up to Year 7.

We had lots of fun, learned so much and many of the class commented on how they cannot wait to visit HPA again! See some of what we were up to, below.

Amazing Writing!

If you would like to know how our play scripts, which are based on the The Tempest, are going, please read on…

This was written by Jasmine in Panther Class. What I love about her writing is – and there is a lot to love – Jasmine’s first draft was not quite right. So, rather than getting down and being annoyed, she worked even harder and, with a little help, came up with the following introduction. Bravo!

Jasmine's Playscript

Spring Term 2

For the second half of the term, we will be basing our work on Shakespeare’s well-know play, The Tempest.


For a reminder of the key themes, characters and action from The Tempest, follow this link (I challenge you only watch it once and not to dance along to the song!): Click here!


Our first writing unit will be creating play scripts from our reading, watching and listening to Shakespeare’s play. I am hoping to see the use of a wide range of punctuation, sentence structures, and creative, descriptive language. The work I’ve seen so far is nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait for you to see it at our next showcase!


Following Prospero’s lead, Year 5 are reviewing paintings and creating collages around the theme of storms. J. M. W. Turner is our main artist focus.

Have a look at our work, below, and feel free to comment on our effectiveness in using his work as our inspiration – in case you can’t tell (highly likely) our work is along the bottom of the photograph!

Turner work

Science & Geography

Again, drawing inspiration from our main text, we base our wider curriculum work natural disasters.

Recently, Panther Class have been learning about the causes of earthquakes, tectonic plates, volcanoes and both the human and physical impact of such occurrences.


Drama, drama, drama…

As part of our usual 3-week cycle of writing lessons, we recently applied our drama skills to performing sections of the narrative from of our core text, Gregor the Overlander.

Here are some of our actors strutting the floorboards. We hope you enjoy what you see – it is Bafta/Oscar season after all…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They all deserve an award!



It is finally here! Tomorrow, straight after school, you and your loved ones are invited to come and share in the success of everyone at Brookhill Leys – but especially Panther Class – by seeing what we have been working on, reading some amazing diary entries and, hopefully, listening to a podcast diary entry by children in our class.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Upper Hall (siblings’ work from Year 3 below can be seen in the Lower Hall) and hope you like what you see, and are as proud of our children as we are.

See you there,

Mr. Ward